GGBet Sports Betting

The GGBet online sportsbook is one of the most trustworthy and reliable online bookmakers for sports fans today. Moreover, it is the best sportsbook online for gamblers who are not only looking to have a great time betting on a massive variety of sports but also want to earn some substantial earnings from correct predictions.



In case you had questions about the legitimacy of GGbet, you’ll be interested to know that the platform is licensed by the government of Curacao. This guarantees your safety and 100% fair odds regardless of which section you play at our gambling site.

Some of the main reasons why creating your GGbet online sportsbook account right now is an excellent decision include:

  • There are hundreds of sporting events from both major and minor tournaments that you can bet on any time you visit our site.
  • We offer a wide array of bets to cater to the different punters who visit our sportsbook. These include Total, Winner & 1×2, Handicap, Next Goal, Double Chance, among others.
  • GGbet uses the most competent oddsmakers working behind the scenes to bring you well-researched and lucrative odds that you can use when betting on sports events.
  • We also cover matches in real time and stream them simultaneously, so you can follow along and place your sports bets simultaneously.
  • Our site is seamlessly designed so that you can navigate through with ease and focus on your betting activities without any glitches.
  • There are plenty of bonuses for both new and ongoing members to offer you more opportunities to bet on the sporting events you enjoy most.

How to Bet on Sports at GGbet

To bet on sports at GGBet, here are the few super easy steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Register and deposit some bankroll

  • Register for a GGbet account by clicking the Sign Up button;
  • Fill in the registration form with your information as needed;
  • Accept the terms and conditions and confirm that you are over 18 years old;
  • Log in to your new account, pick a payment method and load some real money;
  • Don’t forget to grab the welcome bonus.

Step 2: Select an event to bet on

  • Go to our Sports tab at the top of the GGbet page to reveal the entire GGBet sports betting portfolio of events.
  • The page reveals a sidebar on the left with a list of featured sports and sports categories.
  • All featured events have a timeline ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours to allow you to place pre-match bets.
  • You can also click on ‘Live’ to see what games are in progress so that you can enjoy live in-play betting.
  • Click on any of the events that pique your interest for the listed odds and to see which sports bets suit you the best.
  • The betting slip will pop up automatically when you pick the sporting events you want to bet on. You can even grab some running promos in the slip section.

Step 3: Collect your wins

  • All winnings (including bonus wins that have had wagering requirements fulfilled) are credited into your GGbet real money account.
  • To cash in on your winnings, go to the ‘Cashier’ tab on the page after login and select the withdrawal method you used to deposit your bankroll.
  • Key in the amount you wish to withdraw and click on ‘Withdraw,’ then confirm the transaction.
  • If you have trouble getting your withdrawal approved or you change your mind about the withdrawal, contact GG Bet customer support for guidance.

How to Understand Betting Odds

We are aware that when you log in to an online sports betting platform for the first time, it can be pretty intimidating to see all the numbers displayed as odds. But then, as confusing as they may seem, just know that they are figures that tell you how much you stand to win on a specific bet.

A sportsbook will weigh the odds to ensure that the actions on either side of the betting line are balanced. However, this doesn’t mean that online betting sites will determine which bets win and lose. Generally, the look and feel of sports betting odds are different from site to site. Whichever sports betting sites you visit, here are three main formats that you will encounter:

Decimal Odds

This is GGBet’s main betting odds format, and it’s probably the easiest to read. It simply displays the potential win you’ll receive from the bets. To calculate the total amount of money you’ll win, just multiply your stake by the decimal odds.

For example, if the decimal odds for a soccer match are Barcelona (4.0) and Real Madrid (1.5), if you win your $50 bet on Barcelona, you will get a total of $200 in return. If the decimal odds for a team or side is less than 2.0, it’s considered the favourite, and if it’s more, it is the underdog.

Fractional Odds

Also known as British odds as they are popular among the British and Irish sportsbooks, and they are written with a slash (/) or a hyphen (-). Fractional odds are the ratio of the profit you will win to your initial wager. So, if your odds are 7/1, this will return a total of $8, i.e., $7 for every $1 wagered.

American Odds

Also known as Moneyline odds, they show you how much you need to wager to win $100 (indicated by the negative sign) or how much you will win from a $100 bet (indicated by the positive sign). The competitor with the negative odds is the favourite, while the one with the positive odds is the underdog.

GGbet Sports Betting Options

At GGBet, we strive to put our members in a better position to win sports bets, and that’s why our sports betting options are diverse and cover a range of sports. You’ll come across sports like Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Tennis, MMA, Boxing, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey, and many more. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular online sports betting options that players at the GGBet sports portal bet on:

Soccer/Football Betting

Soccer or football is the most popular team sport globally, and as expected, it is also as popular for sports bettors. At GGBet, some of the most exciting soccer events you can wager on are such as:

  • The English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Europa Conference League
  • Germany DFB Pokal, France Ligue 1
  • Germany Bundesliga and more.

Popular soccer bets include: 1X2 where you bet on whether the home team (1) or the away team (2) wins, or if they will draw (X), handicap bets, total, correct score, odd/even goals, win by goals, and half time/ full time.

Hockey Betting

Hockey’s popularity just keeps increasing not only in North America but also in Europe and Asia. Some of the main Hockey leagues and tournaments you can bet on at GG bet include:

  • World Championship
  • Champions Hockey League
  • KHL, just to name a few

Create your GGbet online sportsbook account, and you can place hockey sports bets such as correct score, odd-even, 1×2 or handicap.

Basketball Betting

Bet on a plethora of leagues and basketball tournaments played at different corners of the world every day. The main Basketball events you’ll encounter at the GGbet online bookmarker include:

  • WNBA
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup
  • NBA
  • Australia NBL
  • European Challengers

Make ordinary bets where you predict the outcome of a single match or express bets where you predict multiple outcomes of multiple matches. You can also place sports bets on the total, handicap, winner and many other options.

Tennis Betting

Bet on the Grand Slams and other tennis matches to win big when you make the correct predictions at the GGbet online sportsbook. The major tournaments that are held seasonally throughout the year that you can bet on are:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open

You can place wagers on handicaps, the winner, sets, matches and more for these and tons of other tennis competitions.

American Football Betting

American Football is also an incredibly popular sport, especially in North America. If that is a sport you enjoy, you can catch up with your favourite teams and players in tournaments, such as:

  • NFL Preseason
  • NFL Season
  • NCAA
  • Canadian Football League
  • XFL

Here, you can easily place wagers with the familiar American odds to make predictions such as winner or place handicap and total bets.

Sports Betting Bonus Offers

GG Bet is among the best betting sites on the market today. On top of offering extensive event coverage, we are always running bonus promotions and campaigns to keep our members happy. So whether you are a fan of sports, eSports or casino games, you’ll find some lucrative online betting offers ready for you to redeem. Some of the lucrative sports bonuses waiting for you at GGBet include:

  • 100% + 10 EUR bet insurance bonus: get it here.
  • Match bonuses: GG Bet is always willing to match up your deposit with the best betting offers so that you can have more betting cash. Check the promotions section for the latest deals.
  • Cashback offers: Get back some of the money you lose when wagering on different sports for a specified week or month. At GG Bet, you’ll still feel like a winner even when you hit an unlucky streak.
  • Free bets: Let the house take care of your betting through free bets so that you don’t have to spend extra cash. If you win, you can keep the profits, and if you lose, you can go home knowing that you tried and didn’t lose your money.

Start Placing Your GGBet Sports Bets Right Away

For the best betting odds, create a sports betting online account at the GGBet online bookmaker and profit from correct predictions. You’ll relish the best online betting offers to give you a boost as you find your way around the different sports that we offer. Good luck and happy betting!

Sports Betting FAQ

📌 How do I read betting odds?

How you read the odds will depend on the format you pick. Decimal and fractional odds show your potential win per stake, whereas Moneyline odds indicate the favourite and underdog using +ve and -ve odds.

📌 What is a value bet?

This is when the chances of a predicted outcome carry an advantage for the bettors as opposed to the bookies. This means that you have higher winning odds than suggested by the oddsmakers.

📌 How to calculate a bet value?

Value = (Probability x Decimal Odds) – 1
For example, if the probability is 1.08, the value is 0.08. Essentially, the value has to be greater than zero for the bet to be considered valuable.

📌 What is a sportsbook margin (juice/vig)?

A vigorish or juice is the sportsbook’s fee on any outcome. This figure is vital as it helps you know sportsbooks that take the least fees in the event of a loss.

📌 What is low-margin betting?

This is betting on outcomes that will pay the lowest vig to the bookmaker. Low margins translate to higher odds for the player to get bigger rewards.

📌 How to calculate a betting margin?

Betting margin = (1/decimal odds of A) + (1/decimal odds of B) -1
So, if A and B have 1.12 and 3.20 decimal odds respectively, the margin would be:
(1/1.82 + 1/3.20) – 1 = 0.1380 x 100
Betting margin = 13.80%, which is too steep and obviously favours the house significantly.

📌 What is arbing? (arbitrage betting)

This is betting only on outcomes that guarantee a profit, whether you win or lose. Players do this by analyzing the odds across different sportsbooks to determine the probability of opposite outcomes occurring and wagering on both.

📌 What betting systems can I use?

To increase your chances of profiting from your sports bets, you need to research the betting options beforehand and master the art of line shopping.